Here are some of the support questions our customers have asked. Please contact us if you are a current customer or you have any questions or support issues.

  1. Do I need WordPress in order to make Adult Affiliate CMS work?.
    Answer: No. Adult Affiliate CMS comes with the latest WordPress.
  2. Can I update to the latest WordPress if there is an update?
    Answer: No. Not before checking with us to make sure there are no conflicts. We will provide you a patch to a latest update of WordPress.
  3. Can Adult Affiliate CMS handle alot of content?
    Answer: Yes. It has been tested with over 10,000 images and 3000 video sets in heavy trafficked sites.
  4. Can I run Adult Affiliate CMS on a Windows Web Server?
    Answer: No. Adult Affiliate CMS only works on a unix server running Apache.
  5. Can i customize the theme of Adult Affiliate CMS?
    Answer: Yes. Adult Affiliate CMS works just like any other WordPress Theme.
  6. Does Adult Affiliate CMS work with ALL affiliate programs?
    Answer: Yes. You simply tell the program the links you want to provide and it replaced the affiliate code automatically.
  7. Can I install additional plugins?
    Answer: Yes. As long as you know how to modify the theme to make them work.
  8. Is the code open?
    Answer: Yes. Except for couple of files which control the affiliate system.



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