Adult Affiliate CMS Features

Adult Affiliate CMS automates all your affiliate content publishing. No longer manually update anything! Click here to buy it now!

Adult Affiliate CMS List of features:

  • Automatically Publish Future Affiliate Content – Adult Affiliate CMS allows you to create hosted photo and video content as well as downloable content and publish it in the future. Create an entire year’s worth of updates and let it run itself.
  • Can run on a simple VPS or Shared Server – No need to get an expensive dedicated system to run your adult site. Adult Affiliate CMS is very easy to install (just like Wordpres is) and requires very little if no custom third party applications in order to run.
  • Easily customize your affiliate program content area look and feel. Adult Affiliate CMS allows you to change text and navigation and background colors easily in the admin area.
  • Create unlimited photo and video templates. Import html video or photo templates into Adult Affiliate CMS telling it where to place photos or videos. Adult Affiliate CMS will automatically find your content and display it in the template.
  • Works with all affiliate programs. Insert any custom affiliate code into a hosted photo or video gallery or downloable gallery and Adult Affiliate CMS will automatically insert the correct code so that the affiliate gets proper credit for their traffic. Works with CCBILL, NATS, MPA3, DHDREVEX, EPOCH and others.
  • Automatic thumbnailing of Photo Content – Adult Affiliate CMS automatically creates thumbnails of your affiliate photo content.
  • Create Hosted and downloable photo and video content. Hosted photo galleries, hosted video galleries, and downloadable zipped photo and video galleries.
  • Complete banner management. Add flash, animated and non animated banners and assign links to each banner.
  • Picture of the day/moment. Your webmasters can use Adult Affiliate CMS to insert an automatically rotating picture. This photo can be displayed in various sizes as required.
  • Video of the day/moment. Hosted flash streaming video which auto updates and can be inserted in various sizes as required.
  • Includes Cinema Player Pro Flash Player for your flash videos. You can also create video templates with WMV, Mpeg, AVI, etc as clickable downloads.
  • Batch File Uploader – Adult Affiliate CMS automatically detects flash videos (FLV) and embeds them into your video pages.
  • Multi-language – All navigation and text in posts can be mapped to a language. Press a button and watch your whole site be translated into another language and cached for faster speed. If you require custom translations of your site you can contact our partner site –
  • Multi-Level Administration – Adult Affiliate CMS allows you to create multi-level admins with different permissions.
  • Custom Templates and Page – Adult Affiliate CMS allows you to complete change the frontend from the admin using basic html templates. No need to understand complex code.
  • RSS Feeds – Adult Affiliate CMS also has RSS feeds of your latest hosted photo or video content.
  • Enhanced Security – Adult Affiliate CMS admin is protected by IP detection and brute-force hack attempts.
  • Caching – Adult Affiliate CMS thumbnails and pages are caching for highest performance.
  • Works with the latest version of WordPress!

We are constantly adding new features to Adult Affiliate CMS.

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